Friday, February 13, 2009

Tapes and films – the data-point from hell

Think of Nitto Denko as Japanese 3M.  Indeed it is the company in the world that most resembles 3M.  It does tapes, films, laminates – the usual 3M product set.  Like 3M a large part of sales winds up in automotive uses.

Now just how bad are their sales?  Here is the monthly sales report:

Compared with January 2008 , Nitto Denko's total consolidated sales revenue was down 51% (Y-o-Y) and decreased 9% from December 2008. LCD-related product sales was also down 57%(Y-o-Y) and decreased 1% from December 2008.
Ok – is it a recession or a depression?  


IF said...

Well, it has not been fun. If I might add my industry:

NVIDIA: "For the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009, revenue was $481.1 million compared to $1.2 billion for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008, a decrease of 60 percent."

It is all somewhat fuzzy. Supposedly we took market share from our competitors:

"Everyone in the market suffered reduced shipments — some suffered more than others. In this quarter, Nvidia has taken back some market share from AMD’s ATI division. For more detail see Table 2."

Honestly, I find any further drop unimaginable.

lineup32 said...

Tech is discovering that creating a better mouse trap doesn't mean more sales or profits. The ugly truth is that cheap credit has driven GDP on a world wide basis rather then innovation or productivity but the side effects to the credit binge can be nasty. So I think it can get much worse which is a shock to the high tech crowd.

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