Friday, February 13, 2009

Shark attack

Regular readers will know that I am a surf lifesaver at North Bondi and later at Bronte Beach.

I am stunned as anyone by the shark attack

I was not at Bondi yesterday evening - but I was the evening before - but at the North end - teaching my son to surf.  The conditions were very similar - dusk, extremely low tide, overcast, weeds washing into the beach.



sharms said...

Dawn and dusk surfing should be avoided - that is after all when the Noahs are feeding!

owl said...

Sharks always swim around the magnetic zones..means that the beneath of (Sydney-Melbourne) route has important Iron Mineral Reserves..but the real danger is Kangaroo Bonds not Bondi Beach for the Australians.!

Quarrel said...

It was, thankfully, the first such attack at Bondi in 80 years.

Coming on the back of the Navy diver losing a hand in the Habour however, it seems to be creating more fuss than normal.

Gotta feel sorry for the two involved - but perspective is important.


John Hempton said...

I know shark attacks at Sydney surf beaches are vanishingly rare. But it stuns me when one happens.

Divers however - that is far more common. Getting into a wetsuit and pretending you are a seal is the problem.

When I was at University someone from the University diving club was eaten. I did not know them - but I knew people who did.


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